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Red Bull Wololo Is Back in 2024!

The Red Bull Wololo tournament is back in 2024 with Red Bull Wololo: El Reinado – when new legends will soon be forged through the fires of competition. Red Bull Wololo: El Reinado will take place at Castillo de Almodóvar del Río in Spain – summoning the fiercest Age of Empires champions to challenge the reigning kings of the castle for their crown.

All are welcome to test their mettle – from seasoned veterans to those who wish to try their luck in a tournament for the very first time.

Plus, with over twenty-five years of legendary battles in the Age of Empires franchise, Red Bull Wololo: El Reinado will comprise of four titles in which competitors will be able to prove themselves worthy:

  • Age of Empires – Played using Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition, Return of Rome
  • Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition
  • Age of Empires IV
  • Age of Mythology: Retold

This year, Red Bull Wololo: El Reinado will also tread the land of gods, legends and mythical beings in the first-ever competition in Age of Mythology: Retold.

The qualification trials will soon commence, allowing fearless contenders the chance to enter through the mighty castle gates at Castillo de Almodóvar del Río. Those who succeed will join us for the main event starting on October 3rd! Days of fierce battles will end with four champions proudly taking their new thrones on October 6th.

You’ll be guided through the spectacle by the most beloved faces in the community, and you can catch the main event live on the Red Bull Gaming YouTube and Twitch channels. Whether you plan to witness the showdown from home or from the castle grounds, there will be plenty of action and activities for fans to enjoy.

Read the full announcement from Red Bull here.

Looking Back at Red Bull Wololo

History trembles with the weight of legendary battles won and lost since the very first Red Bull Wololo tournament in 2020. Let us take a glance back through the ages and see how it all began.

Spoilers below from the past Red Bull Wololo tournaments!

The First One

From the first spark of Red Bull Wololo, it was evident that we were witnessing something unique. The tournament was one of the first of its kind to utilise the newly added “Empire Wars” game mode, which allowed for more fast-paced and thrilling games, captivating audiences worldwide. With a prize pool of over $22,000.00, the competition was fierce. After an exhilarating grand final between TheViper and Mr_Yo, the first-ever Red Bull Wololo champion Mr_Yo was crowned.

Red Bull Wololo II

It wasn’t long before the flames were reignited and Red Bull Wololo II was announced, but this time, the stakes were higher than ever with $30,000.00 on the line. The tournament proved that anything was possible – expectations and player seeding meant nothing in the level of competition we were witnessing. The games were sharper, the show was greater, and the competition was blazing with two new finalists. Liereyy and Hera both met in the grand final after fighting through the many challengers on their path, before ultimately Liereyy was crowned as the champion of Red Bull Wololo II.

Red Bull Wololo III

With Red Bull Wololo III, we saw the tournament format evolve. The thrill of group stages and nail-biting eliminations pushed the players to their limits. In an unforgettable final between DauT and Liereyy, expectations were deified and DauT snatched victory from one of the most highly-regarded players in Age of Empires.

Red Bull Wololo IV

Red Bull Wololo IV embraced the epic Viking spirit with a diverse set of themed maps; players were transported to a world of longships and brutal raids. Sixteen entered the fray, but only one could reign supreme. Yet, through the chaos, Hera and Liereyy met again. As the dust settled, through their undeniable dominance the Red Bull Wololo throne was reclaimed by Liereyy.

Red Bull Wololo: Enthrone

History changed forever with Red Bull Wololo: Enthrone, the fifth iteration of the event. The legendary Heidelberg Castle became the battleground for this breathtaking tournament. The Red Bull Wololo had outgrown its online roots and became a spectacle with players battling against each other face-to-face, in the confines of the castle walls. This was where TheViper challenged Liereyy for his crown, and after uncontested strategic brilliance, TheViper ascended, becoming our Red Bull Wololo champion.

Red Bull Wololo: Legacy

In 2022, another siege was on the horizon. Red Bull Wololo: Legacy, the sixth iteration. In a celebration of multiple games in the franchise, we witnessed a display of dominance across several titles, once more, in the grand Castle of Heidelberg. The roar of a first-ever live audience fueling the players of Age of Empires, II and IV. Chim Sẻ Đi Nắng, TaToH, and MarineLord, each a titan of their chosen title, emerged victorious.

We hope you enjoyed this quick recap of past Red Bull Wololo events. You’ll be able to watch the upcoming Red Bull Wololo: El Reinado on the Red Bull Gaming YouTube and Twitch channels. We hope to see you there!

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